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[movies]Dooser_05-06-05b - Dooser
Dooser_05-06-05 What is that?
Keywords: dooser; Dooser_05-06-05; vlog; videoblog; what; is; that
Downloads: 208
[movies]Loki Reads Best Friends No Matter What (Video)
Download and share the video version of this free children's book with ANYONE. Post on your own account somewhere or play at your school. Download your copy of the book here. Loki and Mayday, two cats who are best friends, show children how to have happy and healthy lasting relationships as only two 5 year old kitties can, with a year's worth of play dates. Follow their story as they play, travel, bake, engage in separate hobbies-- even fight over something silly-- and manage to remain best frie...
Keywords: loki; orangecatblues; best; friends; no; matter; what; vlog; video blog; copyleft; free; book; download
Downloads: 1,569
Kris Love =p
Keywords: what i love; grafitti; cola; eat; monica o; statue; vlog; verdi
Downloads: 213
[movies]What the Buck Flashback 10-1-2007
What the Buck flashback from 10-1-2007. Britney Spears loses her kids? Good Paris Hilton Can Can joke! HA! The new Mrs. Peter Brady is racist One of the first sightings of the classic catch phrase I HAD TO HAVE IT!!
Keywords: comedy; news&information; what; the; buck
Downloads: 1
[movies]What the Buck Flashback 10-3-2007
What the Buck on Faith Hill & More
Keywords: comedy; news&information; what; the; buck; faith; hill
Downloads: 2
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 585
Have you heard of Launch Center Pro? Maybe you've even downloaded it, but are you using it as much as you should be, or at all? And, if you haven't downloaded it yet, is that because you don't see how it can save you time? Today we walk through just how great Launch Center Pro is. We'll show you how it can help you save time, how to set it up, and show you a few sample configurations that will work great for just about anyone.
Keywords: launch center; launch center pro; save time; what the
[movies]AppAdvice Daily: Appisode 585
Have you heard of Launch Center Pro? Maybe you've even downloaded it. But are you using it as much as you should, or at all? And if you haven't downloaded it yet, is that because you don't see how it can save you time? Today we walk through just how great Launch Center Pro is. We'll show you how it can help you save time, how to set it up, and show you a few sample configurations that will work great for just about anyone.
Keywords: launch center; launch center pro; save time; what the
Downloads: 3
[movies]How do you define an eco-city?
What is an eco-city? Peter Head discusses sustainable cities or eco-cities, both in terms of performance (better use of resources, more renewable energy, less pollution) and a high quality of life, which he considers to be a key factor of a genuine eco-city.
Keywords: news&information; what is an eco-city; what are eco-cities; define eco-city; what is a sustainable city; define sustainable city; green city; better use of resources; renewable energy; pollution
Downloads: 6
[movies]How do the WTO, World Bank and IMF work?
Susan George explains what the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) are and how they work. They operate in the interests of rich nations at the expense of the poor. She cautions against the current trend to privatise public services such as transport, health and water.
Keywords: news&information; how does world bank work; what is world bank; how does the international monetary fund work; what is imf; what is world trade organization; how does wto work; privatisation of public services; water privatisation; transport privatisation; health privatisation
Downloads: 8
[movies]WTF: GameFly
Angry Joe shares his experiences with GameFly and sheds light on some of their recent changes. Are they changing for the better or for the worse? Who else might you sign-up with to get games-by mail if not Gamefly?
Keywords: video gaming; wtf; gamefly; rental; xbox 360; games by mail; what the f*ck; angry joe
Downloads: 4
[movies]"What You Do" by Masta Artisan
Third single off my latest album, "Rapper's Liebe", coming soon!
Keywords: comedy; music; masta; artisan; rap; critic; what; you; do; rappers; liebe
Downloads: 1
[movies]Punchline - Greatest Frog
A man is selling what he claims to be the worlds greatest frog…
Keywords: comedy; a; man; is; selling; what; he; claims; to; be; worlds; greatest; frog…
Downloads: 8
[movies]What color to dye my hair? | Hair Care Video
Let's be honest, a color that looks great on one person can look horrible on another person. If you find a picture in a magazine or online and bring it into a hair salon, know that if that stylist hasn't really taken a good look at your skin tone, it could be a disaster. Be come a freestyler: http://befreewithstyle.com/2013/05/what-color-to-dye-my-hair/
Keywords: what color to dye my hair; biana king; orphan studios; hair salon; hair care; hair stylist
Downloads: 18
[movies]WTF: Chick-Fil-A
Angry Joe continues the What the F*ck Saga with a look at one of the most popular fast food chains in the country, Chick-Fil-A. Why no one has called them out on this most hideous crime is baffling. If no one will than Joe will do what must be done, no matter how delicious their chicken sandwiches are!
Keywords: video gaming; chickfila; chick-fil-a; what the f*ck; wtf
Downloads: 7
[movies]Chicken Butt
Hooray, this cartoon is finally finished! Bird & Cactus are back in another cartoon adventure. Ok, they really don't go adventure anywhere. But Bird does say chicken butt in this cartoon, so it's got that going for it. Anyways, please share this with your friends! Thanks!
Keywords: guess; what; chicken; butt; why; thigh; funny; cartoon; animation; comedy; bird; cactus; paul; rodenburg; hilarious; animated
Downloads: 30
[movies]Civil Protection: What Is Machinima?
A special short episode where Mike and Dave answer a citizen's question. www.accursedfarms.com
Keywords: civil; protection; civil protection; mike; dave; half life; half-life; hl2; hl 2; what; is; machinima; what is machinima; special; citizens; citizens; questions; answers; drugs; explosives; illegal; jail; prison; city 17; valve; police; militia
[movies]What Gets Easier and What Gets Harder - Garren Katz
In Chapter 1 of 15 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, business and personal coach Garren Katz answers "What is Getting Easier and What is Getting Harder in Your Life?" Katz finds himself stressing less and getting more comfortable with the decisions he makes. As far as what is getting harder, Katz notes a growing challenge in his life is taking on more responsibilities that come with his desire to live better and more fully...
Keywords: regret less; stress less; take on more; responsibility; what gets easier; what gets harder; live better; garren katz; erik michielsen; capture your flag; life ownership; confidence building; patience; composure; aspiration; accountability
Downloads: 3
[movies]Why Entrepreneur Mike Germano Aspires to More Than Making Money
In Chapter 17 of 20 in his 2013 Capture Your Flag interview, Carrot Creative social media agency CEO Mike Germano answers "How Are Your Aspirations Changing as Your Experience Grows?" Germano finds many people in his life tell him he is successful - from his parents to his wife to his peers to his industry. He finds that defining success is not about reaching these respective expectations as end points but seeing them as new starting points on his aspirational journey...
Keywords: entrepreneur goals; mike germano; carrot creative; what makes you successful in business; what defines success; setting goals; erik michielsen; capture your flag; defining success; milestones; aspiration; life ownership; confidence building; legacy building; liberation
Downloads: 3
[movies]Public Relations Careers: Advice from PR Exec Gini Dietrich (Ep. #23)
What is public relations? PR pro Gini Dietrch of the Arment Dietrich agency explains to Marc Luber of Careers Out There the role of public relations and who is the right fit for a PR job.
Keywords: public relations careers; what is pr; what is public relations; pr jobs; gini dietrich; pr careers; marketing; communications; writing jobs; career ideas; career information; career advice; careers out there
Downloads: 3
[movies]What Gets Easier and What Gets Harder - Simon Sinek
In Chapter 10 of 16 in his 2012 Capture Your Flag interview, author and public speaker Simon Sinek answers "What is Getting Easier and What is Getting Harder in Your Life?" Simon notes it is getting easier to spot things he should avoid and then work around the obstacles while maintaining pursuit toward his end destination or goal. As his life becomes more public, Sinek notes how it is harder to know who to trust and shares how he is working through this situation in his life...
Keywords: simon sinek; life; knowledge; learning; who to trust; know your friends; overcoming obstacles; what gets easier; what gets harder; career; erik michielsen; capture your flag; lessons learned; adaptation; security; prudence; establishing trust; relationship building
Downloads: 20
[movies]What does 'peak oil' mean?
Professor Heinberg explains what ?peak oil? means. The theory of peak oil started with M. King Hubbert, who said that global oil production would decline. Predictions for when global oil reserves will run out vary but there is general consensus on oil depletion.
Keywords: news&information; what does peak oil mean; define peak oil; what is peak oil; peak oil theory; m king hubbert; global oil production; oil production decline; global oil reserves; oil depletion; when will we run out of oil
Downloads: 7
[movies]KSWA clip 6
Action and entertainment from the KSWA
Keywords: albert torcaso what the heck greg twyman sports; wrestling; kswa; fun; clean; family; pittsburgh; humanity; bobby; matters comedy team
Downloads: 5
[movies]20X2 SXSW March 12, 2007

Keywords: talk&interview; amanda; congdon; amandacongdon; mario; librandi; mariolibrandi; sxsw; 20x2; what; if; whatif; austin; texas; tx
Downloads: 1
[movies]1Take.TV: Micall Parknsun (So What)
http://www.1take.tv It was a real privilege to have UK rapper Micall Parknsun in the 1Take studio. Here he is performing "So What" with Cezar Jnr on guitar. Audio by Elliot Bradley, filmed and edited by Jonah James and Beatrice Black.
Keywords: music; micall parknsun; cezar jnr; so what; 1take; elliot bradley; soho studios; jonah james; beatrice black
Downloads: 1
[movies]What can damage your hair: Box relaxers
Anyone who's ever had a chemical relaxer in their hair knows what a box relaxer is. It's the cheap relaxer that is sold everywhere in a convenient box with everything you need for this process inside. The marketing experts have mastered the art of convincing the consumer (you) that this product will make your hair soft, luxurious and beautiful. But in this video I want to discuss why these box relaxers are so bad for the hair...
Keywords: what can damage your hair; box relaxers; biana king; freestyle salon; healthy hair; milas king; orphan studios; natural hair
Downloads: 5
[movies]Rap Critic Commentary: "No Love" by Eminem
Rap Critic does a commentary on the "No Love" episode.
Keywords: comedy; music; rap; critic; eminem; lil; wayne; no; love; recovery; ol; dirty; bastard; dr; dre; what; is; love
Downloads: 86
[movies]What is money really for?
What is money for? Lynne Twist describes how our relationship with money has become corrupt and unethical. Consumer society and our ?more is better? culture see money as an end rather than a means. We have lost the ability to recognize simple sufficiency.
Keywords: news&information; what is money for; why do we need money; consumer society; advertising and consumer culture
Downloads: 10
[movies]Movie Skewer: High School Musical 2
In this episode, Dr. O'Boogie dares to follow up his legendary recap of High School Musical, the Disney Channel Original Movie where Zac What's-his-face and Vanessa Something-or-other join forces to save their school, or something. Look, it's been four years since that recap. Cut him some slack, okay? All your favorite characters return for High School Musical 2, the sequel where everything's bigger and better! Well, bigger, anyway.
Keywords: high school musical; disney channel; zac efron; vanessa hudgens; ashley tisdale; corbin bleu; kenny ortega; what time is it
Downloads: 1,123
[movies]Autism Live Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive On this episode of Autism Live topics including eating healthy by focusing on seasonally appropriate fruits and vegetables as well as organic and sustainable produce, challenging behavior and how to manipulate circumstances to set your children up for success while decreasing tantrums and meltdowns. Viewers respond to the question of the day, “What goals have you set for yourself for 2013?” TACA founder Lisa Ackerman shares a Mac...
Keywords: autism treatment; aba; autism live; what’s left; gfcf cooking; autism services; autism support; autism summit; card; challenging behavior; shannon penrod; autism recovery; tantrums; meltdowns; smarty art
Downloads: 1
[movies]Episode 024: Balls To The Face
This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8BitDad.com for the week leading up to April 3rd, 2012: PQotW: Do You Ever Leave Your Toddler Alone In The Car? / Alicia Silverstone Baby-Birds Her Kid, WTF / Father Dressed As Batman Pulled Over On His Way To Children’s Hospital / MTV Fails Teen Dads / What To Expect? Dads Portrayed As Morons
Keywords: talk&interview; technology; toddler; alone; alicia silverstone; baby-bird; father; batman; pulled over; childrens hospital; mtv; teen dads; what to expect; morons; dads
Downloads: 4
[movies]The Andrew Zarian Show Ep.80 - Chub it up 12-8-10
;This week on " Then Andrew Zarian Show" : Kunal returned after a 3 week absence , Andrew has Steppin Out Magazine Editor Chaunce Hayden call into the show to talk about Andrews Photoshoot , Andrew hates the Titanic and the news
Keywords: talk&interview; andrew zarian; baldwin; kunal; jessica; coco; arora; what would you do; gfq network; guys from queens; gfq; podcast; webcast; netcast; twit; howard stern online
[movies]Episode 1 (Segment 1): What is Black Studies?
In this episode, we look at the origins of a relatively new academic discipline. How did Black Studies come about and how is it distinct from other academic disciplines? Also, what are the challenges faced by scholars, academics and students of Black Studies in higher education?
Keywords: searchonly; black; studies; african; american; studies; african; american; history; black; women; african; people; black; history; what; are; civil; rights; civil; right; movement; panther; party; civil; rights; movement
Downloads: 2
[movies]What would real democracy look like?
What is a real democracy? Dr Shiva describes the current systems of democracy worldwide as a sham. Representative democracy has been hijacked by an 'economic dictatorship', led by a handful of multinational corporations. She calls for a true democracy which recognizes the value of all living systems.
Keywords: news&information; systems of democracy; real democracy; representative democracy; economic dictatorship; multinational corporations; respect for life; what is democracy; define democracy
Downloads: 4
[movies]Allison Weiss: Hole In My Heart - Live
For newcomers to Allison Weiss, "Hole In Your Heart" might be a good place to start (despite her thoughts on the title). It's a punk-rockish song that doubles as an airtight pop single, it's personal and relatable, and catchy without going too heavy on the sugar. That's Weiss' catalogue to a tee (with a little more of an acoustic sound than shown here). We caught this at her show with Tigers Jaw, Pianos Become The Teeth and Sainthood Reps (she kinda pitch-hit for Dad Punchers who hadn't joined t...
Keywords: allison weiss; band; music; hole in your heart; live; video; altartv; say what you mean; tour; tigers jaw; 2013; may; new; song; no sleep records; altar bar
Downloads: 21
[movies]What does 'the commons' mean?
Thom Hartmann describes what ?the commons? means. He defines ?the commons? ? the commonwealth ? as the idea that certain assets should be in public ownership. Services vital to our collective survival, like water, must remain in the public sector and not be privatised.
Keywords: news&information; the commons; what is the commons; define the commons; definition of the commons; the commonwealth; public ownership; state owned; privatisation
Downloads: 3
[movies]The Andrew Zarian Show Ep.79 - Lons Turkey Party 12-2-10
This week on " The Andrew Zarian Show" :The gang is back after a 2 week break . Andrew spoke about Jessica's birthday party , Thanksgiving and his Diet while Coco annoyed Andrew the entire show
Keywords: talk&interview; andrew zarian; baldwin; kunal; jessica; coco; arora; what would you do; gfq network; guys from queens; gfq; podcast; webcast; netcast; twit; howard stern online
Downloads: 4
[movies]What is Autism?
Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive Board Certified behavior Analyst Angela Persicke answers a viewer question, “What is Autism?” Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout, the United States and around the globe. For more information on therapy for autism and other related disorders, visit the CARD website at http://centerforautism.com
Keywords: autism treatment; card; autism live; bcba; challenging behavior; angela persicke; what is autism?; autism diagnosis; speech delay; repetitive behaviors; social deficit
Downloads: 14
[movies]The Andrew Zarian Show Ep.78 - Nanas Beard Hurts 11-11-10
This week on "The Andrew Zarian Show" : Andrew started the show by confessing that he wishes he was part of the Baldwin family , The "What Would you do game" , Jessica's drinking , Kunal was called insulted at his comedy show , coco wants to have a music festival and the news
Keywords: talk&interview; andrew zarian; az; guys from queens; gfq network; comedy; podcast; netcast; webcast; queens; kunal; coco; jessica; nana; what would you do; cropsey; the news
Downloads: 1
[movies]What is the future of green design?
Sim Van de Ryn is an expert in sustainable architecture and green design. He discusses the future of sustainable design. He says that biomimicry ? a which he defines as using nature as a model and incorporating nature into design ? is the cutting edge of eco-friendly design.
Keywords: news&information; sustainable design; green design; sustainable architect; biomimicry; what is biomimicry; define biomimicry; definition biomimicry; using nature in design; eco-friendly design
Downloads: 9
[movies]How would you define sustainability?
In his definition of sustainability, Peter Murray talks about sustainable urban planning in London. Green architecture and retrofitting will improve energy efficiency in our homes. Transport is a major issue for sustainability; we need more urban cycling and development around transport hubs.
Keywords: news&information; what is sustainability; definition of sustainability; define sustainability; sustainable london; sustainable urban planning london; green architecture; retrofitting; sustainable transport; urban cycling; energy efficiency in homes
Downloads: 20
[movies]William Beckett: Dear Life - Unplugged and Unrehearsed - AltarTV
Unplugged fits William Beckett pretty well. The guy can do a lot with one voice and one guitar. Former member of Remember Maine and The Academy Is…, Beckett has since gone out on his own for two EP-fuls of clean pop songwriting; songs that break down nicely for acoustic guitar/voice duets. Lucky for us. Those two EPs are Walk The Talk and What Will Be (there’s a third on the way), and you can get them on Beckett’s own (surprisingly web-absent) label YIKE Records...
Keywords: william beckett; dear life; what will be; unplugged and unrehearsed; altartv; acoustic; walk the talk; the academy is; remember maine; session; show; performance
Downloads: 12
[movies]What’s Left? GFCFSF Cooking - Meat Puffs
Like Autism Live on Facebook at http://facebook.com/autismlive Autism Advocate Lisa Ackerman shares her amazing recipe for “meat puffs” a GFCFSF meatball that will please even the pickiest eater at your table. Lisa makes this nutrient packed recipe economical and easy! Autism Live is a production of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), headquartered in Tarzana, California, and with offices throughout the United States and around the globe...
Keywords: autism treatment; aba; autism live; taca; what’s left; shannon penrod; card; lisa ackerman; real help now; meat puffs; gfcf recipes; autism diet; recipes; allergy free
Downloads: 1
[movies]A Lot Like Birds: What Didn't Kill Me Just Got Stronger - Live At The Show - AltarTV
Don’t know about you, but we’re big fans of the sporadic something-core band A Lot Like Birds. It’s tough to nail them down to a particular sound, but post-hardcore seems closest to the goal. Their sophomore release, Conversation Piece, is a pretty amazing piece of album-making: eleven clever (and cleverly-named) songs establishing them as one of the most unpredictable and innovative bands out there today...
Keywords: a lot like birds; conversation piece; altartv; what didnt kill me just got stronger; live at the show; 2012; altar bar; performance; concert
Downloads: 8
[movies]How much oil and gas do we have left?
Tony Colman says a tax on currency trading could generate a global fund to help fight climate change. He defines the Tobin Tax. Named after James Tobin, a very small tax on worldwide currency transactions could be easily administered by a global body such as the United Nations.
Keywords: news&information; tax on currency trading; tax on worldwide currency transactions; tax to help fight climate change; tobin tax; what is the tobin tax; define the tobin tax
Downloads: 4
[movies]What is the 'e-parliament' initiative?
Nicholas Dunlop explains what the 'e-parliament initiative' is. The internet and other electronic forms of communication are being used to allow democratic legislators from around the world to exchange and implement good policy ideas. He argues that as domestic policy agendas converge, parliaments must share best practice, effective solutions and to jointly assess priorities for the future.
Keywords: news&information; what is e-parliament initiative; parliamentary system; e-democracy; political systems; forms of government; international development; african elections; ict in politics; global legislators
Downloads: 5
[movies]EPMD Perform at BB Kings in NYC
Legendary Hip-Hop Group; EPMD, recently performed at BB Kings just before New Years 2010. They definately go in hard with some new freestyles. This is what "Real" Hip-Hop is all about.
Keywords: music; epmd; strictly business; you gots to chill; so what you sayin; youre a customer; erick sermon; parrish smith; dj scratch; blacks in action tv
Downloads: 22
[movies]Words of Wisdom 05: What Makes A Game Scary?
You know, besides making ANOTHER Sonic game.
Keywords: video gaming; words; of; wisdom; what; makes; a; game; scary; video; review; bennett; the; sage; that; guy; with; glasses; channel; awesome; blistered; thumbs
Downloads: 1
[movies]What is 'natural capital'?
Peter Head defines natural capital as the whole ecosystem ? the biocapacity of the planet and the natural systems that support our lifestyle. Pollution, carbon emissions, climate change, resource depletion and other actions with negative ecological impact combine to reduce natural capital.
Keywords: news&information; what is natural capital; define natural capital; meaning of natural capital; definition of natural capital; biocapacity and natural capital
Downloads: 8
[movies]The Five on Fox, Kim Kardashian, Lassie and Flipper. Seriously.
Fox News replaced Glenn Beck with The Five and most people thought it was a temporary fix. Instead the show is going strong and branching into new territory, now taking on Bravo's Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens with Kim Kardashian news.
Keywords: news&information; kim kardashian; andy cohen; bob beckel; the five; flipper; lassie; watch what happens; bruce jenner; dana perino; fox news; funny fox news; dumb fox news
Downloads: 21
[movies]CES 2007 Video: What Are You Wearing?
With so much focus on all of the brand new, Q2-to-come gadgetry on at CES, we thought we'd ask people what they were carrying, much like fashionistas ask "who are you wearing" on the red carpet. Except that the carpet wasn't red. And no one was dressed that well.
Keywords: technology; ces; ces2007; ces 2007; interviews; gadgets; red carpet; chris cardinal; andru edwards; gear live; bleeding edge; what are you wearing
Downloads: 3
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